Yaadon ki Pari

Multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Composer, Producer : Tajdar Junaid

Kolkata based musician Tajdar Junaid is creating sounds that have not been heard in a long time. His debut album ‘What Colour Is Your Raindrop’, brings a fresh sensation to the urban ear, deafened by the templatized cacophony of commercial music.

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Photographer: Wolfgang Zurborn

Wolfgang Zurborn, a man globally known for his magic behind the camera, spent some precious moments with PhotoPeer to give a glimpse of his amazing life and world as a photographer and educator of Gallery Lichtblick in Cologne for over 25 years.

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Indrawati River Story

Photographer: Arfun Ahmed

It was very easy for me to get their access, but also extremely difficult to build a narrative. I was thinking how could I tell a story with images of a river Indrawati, a northeastern river of Nepal & an ethnic group of fishermen ‘Majhi’. There are over 27-crusher industries on the bank of Indrawati, which export river-based items such as crushed stones and sand with heavy mining equipment. For this, the inhabitancy of fishes & other types of marine lives are at the edge vanishing. ‘Majhis’, people who once lived on catching & selling fishes, are changing their century old traditional occupation & become daily labour in the crusher Industrie.

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Photographer: Soumya Sankar Bose

I knew I had to work on this project when an uncle retired from the Jatra and joined a railway factory, hoping to do what he could not as an artiste – earn a living. I began photographing artistes who are now unemployed but were once gigantic figures of the Jatra.

Dating back to the 16th century, the Jatra is a famous folk theatre form of Bengal, employing dialogue, monologue, songs and instrumental music to tell stories. Jatrapala, as the plays are called, are enacted on wooden stages without any barriers between the actors and the audience, facilitating direct communication. The plots vary from Indian mythology and historical incidents to something more contemporary and based on social issues.

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Savar Tragedy

Photographer: Pervez Ahmed

Rana Plaza was a nine storied commercial building at Savar, in the outskirts of Dhaka, wherein 24 April 2013 the most devastating event of building collapse in the history of Bangladesh took place. It was a garment factory from third floor upward to seventh floor where at least 5000 workers were employed. Despite confirming a major crack in the building structure one day before the catastrophe, the workers were forced to be present on the next day. The building collapsed at around 9 am on 24 April killing 1100 garments workers. Around 2500 workers were injured and another 800 were missing. This is one of the most devastating industrial disasters of the century which required 17 days of rescue operation.

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