Wolfgang Zurborn

Photographer, Germany

Born in Ludwigshafen/Rhein, in 1956, Wolf Gang attended the Bavarian State School of Photography in Munich during 1977 – 79. During the span of 5 years, from 1979 – 84, he studied at the University of Applied Sciences and Art in Dortmund by Prof. Hans Meyer-Veden. He received “Otto Steinert – Fellowship” of the DGPh in 1985 (German Society of Photography). Since 1986, he has been associated with the Gallery Lichtblick in Cologne as its Co-organisator. In 1994, he became the Member of the DGPh. 3 years later; in 1997 he became the Member of the DFA (German Photographic Academy). Finally, the following year in 1998, he joined the Board of Directors of the DFA. In 2001, he arranged a Workshop “berlin-project” with students of the academy in Berlin and Karlsruhe. Following this, he also conducted many more workshops at the University of Arts, Berlin, at the Technical University, Braunschweig, at the Summer Photoschool in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia, at Fotografie Forum International, Frankfrut and Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum in Mannheim and the final workshop at Haus der Fotografie, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg. He also served as a Guest professor at the University of Arts, Breman. From 2005 – 08, he was busy in teaching assignments at the University of Arts, Bremen. Since 2007, he attended Seminars at Neue Schule fur Fotografie, Berlin. In 2008, he received German Photo Book Award 2008 for Drift. Finally, in 2010, he launched the Lichtblick School in Cologne.

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