About Us

©Ayanesh Das/PhotoPeer

আমি চঞ্চল হে,
আমি সুদূরের পিয়াসি।

Restless I am
Thirsty for the afar…

PhotoPeer is an endeavour to quench the thirst of restless creative souls. The same thirst that inspired Rabindranath Tagore to write these immortal lines and chased Steve Jobs to innovate the iPhone.

The desire to create, nurture and share has always existed in our world. From time immemorial, it has manifested itself as some form of human expression. For some, it is poetry, for some it’s theatre or even molecular biology. For the people who conceived PhotoPeer, it was the form of visual storytelling.

We don’t know when this desire became strong enough to manifest itself. Maybe the misty winter mornings did its trick! Or maybe the urge to document the present and write history compelled fellow photographers to begin this initiative.

In 2010, PhotoPeer officially came into existence as a platform for upcoming visual storytellers to portray new ways of seeing. Today, it functions as a reference library, an archive, an institution for the dissemination of various forms of arts, as well as providing a meeting point for holding debates and discussions on the various arts and their influence in our life and times.

Let us join hands to take this journey forward and enrich the art of photography.

Our Partners

PhotoPeer is currently focussing on:

  • Providing a platform for emerging photographers across the world and supporting their professional development through production, exhibition and dissemination of their work.
  • Spreading awareness regarding natural & social development, humanitarian & human rights concerns, social justice et al through the medium of photography.
  • Developing partnerships with other arts foundations, organisations and institutions in order to widen possibilities for artistic exchanges.
  • Supporting emerging photographers in their projects on social, cultural & environmental issues.
  • Establishing a space for artists to share their work, a common meeting point for the arts fraternity to exchange their ideas, a platform for conducting photography workshops and a library for reference.