Yaadon ki Pari
      Featured Artist- Tajdar Junaid (India)

      Kolkata based musician Tajdar Junaid is creating sounds that have not been heard in a long time. His debut album ‘What Colour Is Your Raindrop’, brings a fresh sensation to the urban ear, deafened by the templatized cacophony of commercial music.

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      Featured Artist- Wolfgang Zurborn (Germany)

      Wolfgang Zurborn, a man globally known for his magic behind the camera, spent some precious moments with PhotoPeer to give a glimpse of his amazing life and world as a photographer and educator of Gallery Lichtblick in Cologne for over 25 years.

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      Indrawati River
      Arfun Ahmed (Bangladesh)

      It was very easy for me to get their access, but also extremely difficult to build a narrative. I was thinking how could I tell a story with images of a river Indrawati, a northeastern river of Nepal & an ethnic group of fishermen ‘Majhi’. There are over 27-crusher industries on the bank of Indrawati, which export river-based items such as crushed stones and sand with heavy mining equipment. For this, the inhabitancy of fishes & other types of marine lives are at the edge vanishing. ‘Majhis’, people who once lived on catching & selling fishes, are changing their century old traditional occupation & become daily labour in the crusher Industries.

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      Soumya Sankar Bose (India)

      Jatra, a famous folk theatre form of United Bengal, which has been breathing for last 400 years. There was a time when people used to make out the artists of Jatra by the name of their onstage dynamic characters like Lord Krishna, Emperor Akbar, Siraj-ud-Dullah and Sahjahan etc. But now time has been transposed a lot, Jatra artists( In 2001,over 300 companies employed over 20,000 people) are confronting a horrifying financial problem because people are no more fascinated by the charisma of Jatra due to the prevalence of television and computer.

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